Many people who have tried magic mushrooms (Psilocybin) testify it’s a game changer. Who wouldn’t want to overcome treatment-resistant life detracting conditions such as addiction a major depression?

Know how to deal with these troublesome conditions by reading through the benefits of Psilocybin in this article. 

An Addiction Problem Solution

As pean ongoing plot study on nicotine addiction by Matthew W Johnson, a professor of Psychiatry at John Hopkins University, 80% of participants who underwent the magic mushroom therapy stopped smoking, and sixty percent of them remained abstinent_ 16 months later, which is quite remarkable. This shows that common addictions such as smoking, alcoholism and cocaine can be broken by this psilocybin chemical in the magic mushroom.

A Depression Solution 

Other than Psilocybin being a solution to additional problems, it gives impressive outcomes to people battling depression. A small study conducted by JAMA Psychiatry shows that magic mushrooms remarkably improved patients are fighting major depressive disorders in combination with psychotherapy. More than half of the patients were in remission four weeks later; remarkable!

 A Migraine Solution 

Migraine is a neurological disorder that involves headaches as a symptom. According to the American Migraine Foundation, the headaches can be one-sided, moderate to severe, and throbbing pain. This is where our magic mushroom comes in handy as a treatment for Migraine and cluster headaches. However, a small study shows Psilocybin itself can cause headaches. 

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A post_ traumatic Stress Disorder solution 

As per animal research on Fear response in mice, small amounts of Psilocybin worked on the lab mice. This raises a possibility of a solution for people with post-traumatic Stress Disorder. However, the Magic Mushroom is quite unpredictable.

 This may sadly make it hard to make ten over ten medications for post-traumatic Stress Disorder patients. Anyways, there is a way, and the necessity for a cure will be the mother for a solution.

Our Global Problem Called Anxiety

Lastly, we have Psilocybin as a solution to anxiety. In a 2016 study, 51 cancer patients were given either a shallow or a high dose of the magic mushroom. The high-dose patients had a more significant increase in the meaning of life and a positive view of life, and they also had a decrease in death anxiety compared to the low-dose patients. 

This is magical, isn’t it?