Microdose mushrooms have been proven to have medicinal value. Medicinal mushrooms such as Grifols frondose, Shiitake, and Reishi are believed to act as antibacterial immune system enhancers and have cholesterol-lowering agents. Microdose also increases creativity and improves focus and mood. This article reviews the medicinal reasons for microdose on mushrooms.

Micro-dose mushrooms do not work for all. One cannot be in the position to know if it has helped someone because it does not have concrete evidence of benefiting their health. After several studies on mushroom usage, there were remarkable results because the researchers came out with positive outcomes. The medicinal reasons for microdose mushrooms that came up were as follows;

Improves mental health

Addicts of mushrooms experience decreased depression and stress due to the positive effect of the drug. The drugs contain serotonin which is a neurotransmitter responsible for moods in humans. Psilocybin drug improves the bioavailability of neurotransmitters like serotonin, which boosts the addict’s mood. 

Microdose Mushroom Improves brain functioning.

Overdosing improves the rate at which the brain functions. The availability of serotonin in mushroom drugs helps boost the brain because it acts as a neurotransmitter, allowing the brain to work at its entire function or making it open to more ideas and thinking. However, these effects do not affect someone when not on dosage.

The rate of creativity is improved.

Medicinal reasons to microdose mushrooms also improve the creativity of the addict. The brain functioning correctly and at a very high working speed also influences one to be more creative in what they are doing. Combining improved health and stress reduction adds to the enhanced creativity rate.

Contributes to quitting other habits

Micro-dosing mushrooms help a lot in quitting smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Using mushrooms makes people feel like they don’t need these other stimulants. These thoughts are made possible because the mushroom improves one’s mental health and brain functionality making them see that the different stimuli are not worth it.

Finally, micro-dose mushroom improves focus.

Another medicinal reason to microdose on mushrooms is to improve focus. An overdose can temporally enhance their focus and work on more significant projects after using the mushroom drug without their mind wandering away. These drugs lower distractibility; thus, the work setup achieves concentration easily.

However, a microdose is not for everyone. The negative medicinal reason to overdose mushrooms is the reverse of the benefits: reduced focus, reduced energy, increased anxiety, worsened mood, and uncomfortable feelings or sensations.

In conclusion, medical reasons for micro-dose mushrooms differ from one user to another. They may favour an overdose, improve their mental health, mood, and focus, and even help them quit some habits, but for some users, they may reduce their stress and energy, worsen their attitude, and increase anxiety. Take caution before abusing.