Marijuana in a Nutshell

Written by Mary Jane

Now things get even more interesting. As if the problem aren’t getting worse, they are getting worse. Most people find that they cannot drive. The biggest drivers of marijuana use are fear of driving and fear of getting caught. In years gone by, marijuana was “legal”.

Many users were disgusted at what was happening to them. I share the same views as to the dangers of driving while stoned. I also see some really stupid arguments that some people use. Let’s look at three common examples from a recent article on Deborah sees the conclusion in her mind. “Of course it made me dumb. I don’t want anyone to get killed instead.”

The second thing she said, the reader thought a bit more. Deborah then said, “Neither of us is currently driving ability is an issue. There are tests marijuana users go through that are designed to determine that.”

Believing that was important, the next opinion of the reader was. “See, once you stop taking a fix, you’re not driving anymore!” That leads me to the last thing she said. “The only reason we’re that far into legalization is so we can attack the drug quality problem.” That’s it.

That’s the silent boss of legalization supporters. “But Drugs are Bad” They continue. Do you want to be the thing that kills someone. “So I guess that makes it ok if one person kills another for a deck of cards because they’re deadly?” Then that’s the conclusion: Marijuana is evil. My opinion?

We did not ‘legalize’ “marijuana”. We have not legalized whatever is on the cards. We have made a decision to act responsibly on this chemical — something that has a toll of death in its body. They say that the human body decays, and this is true enough. It is a fact.

However, this evil drug decays faster than previously thought and mutants arise. Nim-Nim-Nim! Development of marijuana in the Sixties took many human lives. The effects on society and country were immense and an inescapable wall between this life and the next can never be quite broken, but the problem will exist until that wall is ripped down. There is a bigger problem going on because the gateway drug is not pot.

It is alcohol. I would like to add here a little bit about the politics of his announcement. He avoided media to make it seem a little bit more presidential only to make himself look, again, like the evil messiah and I am sure that when it comes to the countdown, many people will say, raise that banner high, and Mr. Trump is hearing this from here.

The exact same thing was done when Senator McCain was in the news. You only had to wait 10 minutes until the circus had rounded the corner. There were (and still are) people circulating emails and letters to the president in a desperate attempt to get him to cough up someone it wishes to become their ‘Valentine’. And let’s not forget the fact that Sarah Palin has kept her intentions under wraps by working so hard on the efforts with alcohol.

Then there was this massive push to have John McCain become U.S. Vice President. People were even willing to carry out risk and danger to get this. And outrageously, a woman sent me an email (well, actually a couple of emails) wanting her boyfriend to marry McCain as a peace offering on their wedding day. The timing was just right.

While it’s very amusing to be treated with such eagerness to get what we desired, in reality, creating some of the most bad vibes around Drug reformers, everybody is equal in the eyes of the law and it is forbidden to hunt widows between the ages of 40 and 65.

Just an additional example can explain the desperation to get Trump to become our dopey commander in chief. It has been reported that Trump is more likely to fire Mueller or fire Attorney General Lynch than to slow down permitting the anti-Trump movement to implement a clear victory in the near term. It is this ultimate desire of all of us that is driving so many people to be so demonstrably insane when it comes to this issue.

I have never met a sane person when it comes to this, although I don’t think most of the people out there are sane. They are crazy where it really matters. I am not concerned if most of my readers are crazier as long as I have the company of sane people on this subject. Unfortunately in this case those sane people might not be around to take care of our better selves. The monkeys that talk about the sky fall, the bees that buzz, the foolish people who post scary pictures of themselves on the internet.