Title Belts and Sanctions

WKA Professional and Amateur titles are highly sought after belts. Our WKA belts are handmade and supplied directly from the UK.

WKA licensed Promotors can source National Title belts from their National representatives and International belts through our International Coordinator along with checking currently available titles. The central office will work with the National Presidents to ensure fairness and consistency across our sanctions.

How to Order a Title Belt

No later than six weeks before the fight:

1. Email our International Coordinator at wkauk2019@gmail.com with the following info:

  • What Title belt
  • Names of both fighters
  • Weights of both fighters
  • Ages of both fighters
  • Fight style
  • Countries if International

2. On receiving this, our office will:

  • Check the title is vacant
  • See who is eligible to fight
  • Check with the National Representative of each country
  • Head office approves the title fight.
  • You will receive the official confirmation and an invoice

3. On confirmed clearance of funds, we will process the order. You should expect the belt to be delivered within 2-3 weeks

4. The Promoter should send us any promotional material so we can help you to promote your event

After the fight has been completed

After the fight, the Promoter must send fight cards within 48 hours, or the winner will not be listed as the new champion.
Please also provide photos or videos from the fight.

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