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Hello to all

February 2019 sees my first tour of countries and event as World President of the WKA.

One of the things I am looking forward to the most is meeting our members, as you are what makes the WKA so great.
Hearing from you all about what the WKA means to you, listening to views, ideas and even concerns, as without the feedback we cannot into an organisation that everyone is proud of.


My first official event of 2019 is heading to a fundraiser in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, closely followed two weeks later with another event in Waihi.
Then I have eight weeks of travelling to the UK and Europe, before heading to Hong Kong, Thailand and back to Europe.


The major points of this trip are getting to meet our Europe reps as well as heading to over to the amazing Thailand event for our Asian-Pacific Games as part of the WMO World Thai Games, then heading to Poland for an event where I will be meeting more European prospective national presidents.


However, one of the biggest things I have to do check out the venue for the 2019 World Championships in the country Georgia. What I have seen it is a beautiful place we are heading too and I am checking out three venues in the same area as the final destination for us, one thing we have been working hard on is ensuring that as many countries have easy visa access to make this a true world event that everyone can attend.

I look forward to meeting everyone and I will be posting updates on my twitter feed, WKA Instagram and WKA Facebook page.

My twitter feed is

2019 is shaping up to be a massive year for all of the WKA

Dave Sawyer

World President 

President's Corner

To All WKA Members

Firstly, I would like to thank Paul Ingram and his family for all they have done for the WKA over the last 24 years and also the support they have given me.
WKA is part of Paul’s family, their love and passion for what it stands for are one of the reasons the WKA is still loved and respected worldwide.

Paul has kindly agreed to stay involved as my mentor and also as an ambassador where I need his wealth of experience as honorary Vice President; it is a tremendous honour for me that he is supporting me as I head into this new role. Together with my senior management team, we will be unstoppable.

I have not taken this on alone, I have the full support of my own family and also a team of senior members who will become part of the management team of the WKA under my presidency.

My colleagues Kirsty Sawyer, Brian Crenshaw and Laszlo Huve all played a massive part in even deciding to take on this prestigious role and have worked tirelessly with me in our plan for the new era.

To all the reps who have expressed their support to me both before and after this announcement gives me high confidence for the future.

I have had countless messages, comments and emails expressing congratulations for this role and the support humbles me.

Over the next month, senior teams will be put into place as the new structure starts to take shape with new blood and new ideas to take us forward for the next 42 years.

As with anything, some things will change, and some will stay the same, but we will work together.

I am open to talking to every WKA member no matter what rank, level or age, as without you all we cannot make great things happen.

For those who use Twitter, I have now finally got an account @DaveWKA so please let me know what you are up to in the world as I want to hear from you all and follow you all.

Our Facebook pages will be updated, and over the next few weeks, you will start to see our new system coming online.

World Championships will be 23rd – 27th October 2019 with the venue to be announced within two weeks. The country has been chosen so we have no visa issues so we will be running a full world champs that the everyone can attend.

What will I be up to in 2019, I want to meet you all and hear from you in person.
The WKA is about all of us, we need to shape and mould it into what works for our members, and the best way to do that is for me to hear your voices.

I am open to being invited to your countries to attend events, gradings and training seminars but mainly to listen to YOU….

I will be in Europe at the end of February, and then I will be in Thailand for the WKA Asia Pacific Championships during March. So, get in touch, and I look forward to sitting down and listening to your ideas.

My goal for the WKA is simple, to make “Dreams Become Reality”.
Be it becoming a black belt, a fighter or an official; our role is to make sure people can work towards achieving these things and be globally recognised.

My team is working hard to make sure there is transparency, recognition and above all fairness in everything we do. Our job is to make this work for you, all of you not just a select few.

That is my personal goal to make that happen.

From myself and my management team, thank you so much for the support so far, and I look forward to meeting you all in the future.

Yours humbly

Dave Sawyer
World President
World Kickboxing and Karate Association

It's not just a passion; it's OUR way of life.

WKA Est 1976 – over 40 years old and still going strong.

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