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    In Pointfighting,or Semicontact the fight gets interrupted after every successful hit and competitors move back to their starting position. In a way it is similar to the Olympic fencing. During the short interruption, the three referees involved evaluate the previous action. Hits with the fist as well as kicks to the body score one point. Jumped kicks to the body and kicks to the head will score two points. A jumped kick to the head is the most sophisticated technique and will be rewarded with three points. The winner is the competitor with the highest total score at the end of the fight.


    Light contact is a hybrid of Full contact and Semi contact/Pointsfighting. In contrast to the score-and-break rhythm of the semi contact bouts the sparring is continuous without interference by the referee as long as no foul play takes place and penalties need to be awarded. In Light contact sparring demands a lot of technical skills and a high level of stamina. It differs from Full contact in the severity of the blows allowed. All attacks are to be executed with maximum control. Hard punches and kicks which could lead to knockout are not allowed.


    Low Kick light is another tatami (mat) sport. In addition to all techniques allowed in Light contact, Low Kick light also allows low kicks to the inner and outer part of the thigh.


    Music must be used and the choreography to the music is of high importance. The use of weapons is strictly forbidden. The use of stage props such as Lasers, Smoke, Fire or “dry Ice” is not allowed. No dance moves or theatrical costumes are allowed. The duration of a freestyle form must be between 1 and 3 minutes. The time starts from the first move of the form, not the announcement. A time keeper will be appointed. This is NOT a gymnastic contest and only three gymnastic moves will be permitted or a penalty of 0.5 will be deducted by each judge.

    Scoring, Judges should be looking for:
    Synchronisation to the music, showmanship, speed of the techniques, degree of difficulty, basic hand and foot technique. Balance, basic stances, strength and focus All the above are to be executed with strength and power according to the basic technique.


    Traditional forms must use traditional moves only. A traditional form / Kata must resemble a traditional work; an adaptation will be acceptable if added moves are traditional. A high kick can not be higher than the top of his / her self head. A freestyle form is not acceptable (no machine-gun kicking etc.). A traditional GI or Dobok must be worn, no use of weapons, no music is allowed, no time limit.

    Scoring, judges should be looking for, Basic techniques, Stances, Punches, and Kicks executed with balance, Blocks, Balance, Strength, and Focus

Ring Sports


    Fullcontact allows all classical boxing techniques and any kick executed to the scoring area above the waist of ones opponent. The matches take place in a traditional boxing ring. All attacks con be delivered with full power (hence Fullcontact). Knock Outs (K.O.) and technical K.O.’s will result in the loss of the fight if achieved with legal techniques by ones opponent.


    Kickboxing – Low Kick is another Full Contact Ring sport. In addition to all techniques allowed in Fullcontact it is legal to use Low kicks to the inner and outer part of the thigh.


    Glory Sports International (GSI) is dedicated to placing world championship level kickboxing, or martial arts stand-up fighting, on a major platform before a global audience, and to producing matchups between the top fighters on the planet. GLORY is now being featured on SPIKE TV.

    The WKA is now being endorsed by GSI to promote and oversee Amateur GLORY Rules Kickboxing both at all WKA Sanctioned events.

  • K1 (K1)

    K1 – K1 is another Full Contact Ring sport. In addition to all techniques allowed in Low Kick it is legal to use knees to the body and head, clinching is allowed along with attacking the whole leg.


    Thaiboxing or Muay Thai is Thailands national sport. It is an ancient martial art with deep cultural traditions. During the bouts which are also fought out in a boxing ring the fighters not only use low kicks but also knees and elbows to their opponents body and head. Before every fight the competitors perform a kind of dance, the “ram muay” or “waikru”. With this dance the fighters demonstrate their absolute will to win, honour their master, and finish their warm-up.


    Made popular by the UFC, MMA is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. This style is a composite of striking and grappling styles. Fighters may use a variety of techniques and strategies, including boxing techniques, kicks, knees, elbows, throws, takedowns, ground control, and submission holds. MMA is typically fought in a caged area, but MMA bouts may also take place in a boxing ring. MMA fighters wear open-fingered gloves to maximize grappling ability while still allowing for striking techniques, both standing and on the ground.


  • All Styles

    In shobu ippon kumite, a method of karate competition, an ippon is awarded for a technique which is judged as decisive, this is usually a move which connects cleanly, with good form and with little opportunity for the opponent to defend against it.

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